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Zwoosh 'Durpy ditto smiley' Board

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The Zwoosh 'Durpy ditto smiley' Skateboard is here!

- Medium concave (Good for everyone!)
- Superply - 7 ply Canadian maple wood (The best in the biz!)
- Epoxy glue (To keep it all together)

Size 7.25 (13.50 inch wheelbase)
Perfect for kids aged 6-8 years!

Size 7.75-8.0 (14 inch wheelbase)
7.75 - Perfect for kids age 8-12 and older (Ideal shoe size 35-39 EU)
8.0 - Perfect for everyone who want to learn flip tricks and skate street (Ideal shoe size 38-42)

Size 8.125-8.25-8.375-8.5 (14.25 inch wheelbase)
More wood - More board - More comfort!
8.125 - If you can't choose between 8.0 and 8.25, this one is perfect for you!
This is the size the founder of Zwoosh (Kenzwoosh) prefers!
8.25 - Ideal for the all round skateboarder (Ideal shoe size 40-45 EU)
8.375 - If you want a lot of board but still want to do a kickflip/heelflip here and there this is your size!
8.5 - If you skate transition a lot or you just want loads of space for your feet to feel comfy this is the one for you! (Ideal shoe size 43-48 EU)

All Zwoosh boards come with a free Griptape and a free sticker pack! 

Go have fun & skate! 
If you make some clips on instagram make sure to tag @Zwoosh_skateboarding to get reposted on our story!